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Episode 86 show notes

Listen to episode 86!

Want some salad with your rat?

One of my new favorite beers! Belching Beaver!

Video of No Villains Left’s Christmas in July Show

Best b-day present ever!

Teach the kids to run a successful bar with Tapper!

Episode 77 show notes

Listen to “Ep 77 – The Dark Crystal, Custom My Little Pony and A Special Cat” on Spreaker.

The Dark Crystal is back! Better not be CGI stuff in there.

Looks pretty funny.

These custom My Little Ponies are blowing my mind.

Final thought…

Episode 75 show notes

Listen to “Ep 75 – Katy Perry Tribute Artist Francesca Brown, Fargo and Takis Fuego Chips” on Spreaker.

This week’s special guest, Katy Perry tribute artist, Francesca Brown.


This week’s snack… Takis Fuego!

Fargo season 3… binge-worthy!

Episode 71 show notes

Listen to “Ep 71 – The Last Jedi Trailer, Spaghettiman and MST3K” on Spreaker.

Did this trailer tease us enough?

Worth at least a few episodes

Loving this new version!

Glad I did find this in my outlet

Image courtesy of Brian Park-Siart

My new favorite superhero

Episode 67 show notes

Listen to “Ep 67 – Amazon Pilots, Twitter and Rum Raisin Kit Kat” on Spreaker.

Amazon pilot season! Stream all episodes now –

Oasis strangely reminds me of Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


This week’s snack review: Rum Raisin Kit Kat