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Episode 83 show notes

Listen to “Ep 83 – GLOW, Spider-Man and Soul Asylum” on Spreaker.

Remember this song?

Binge-worthy on Netflix

Based on the original

Make your own slime!

Christmas in July!


Episode 78 show notes

Listen to “Ep 78 – Bullies, Videotape and Big Brother Magazine” on Spreaker.

Johnny Lawrence… one of the ultimate movie bullies. #nomercy

This week’s throwback is videotape!

Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine

Bingeworthy… Master of None

Episode 68 show notes

Listen to “Ep 68 – Dave Chappelle Netflix Specials, Black Mirror and Peeps Oreos” on Spreaker.

My collage tumblr page –

Shout out goes out to… Angela (happy birthday) and her amazing hot sauces – Hit her up on Instagram (@caressmedwn0216) or email:

This week’s snack review:

Now on Netflix!!!

Binge watch-worthy