Episode 90 show notes

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MTV VMAs – best, worst and weird

Marlon is hilarious!

Also, hilarious!


Episode 89 show notes

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Did you stare at the eclipse? Find out if you have eye damage.

Get the odds on the upcoming hugfest!

I’ve joined the dark side…

Episode 88 show notes

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Eclipse tips!

$6,000 / day

Makes me wanna tweet even more!

124 episodes now on Hulu!

I like to be the race car…

Episode 87 show notes

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Make America Bait Again!

Throwback: Toxic Crusaders

Based on… The Toxic Avenger!

Snack Review: Fried Green Tomato Lay’s

Episode 86 show notes

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Want some salad with your rat?

One of my new favorite beers! Belching Beaver!

Video of No Villains Left’s Christmas in July Show

Best b-day present ever!

Teach the kids to run a successful bar with Tapper!

Episode 85 show notes

Happy Shark Week!

Drive Aloha to keep our streets safer!

It’s BurgerTime!

Dawn of the Planet of she Apes was based on this one…

Episode 84 show notes

Listen to “Ep 84 – The Mummy, 47 Meters Down and Kong: Skull Island” on Spreaker.

How is it that Tom Cruise looks younger than me?!?! Not Fair!

Mandy’s still got it!

Not bad… not bad at all…

DIY Mousetrap

Best MacGyver episode ever!

Jay Som – NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Episode 83 show notes

Listen to “Ep 83 – GLOW, Spider-Man and Soul Asylum” on Spreaker.

Remember this song?

Binge-worthy on Netflix

Based on the original

Make your own slime!

Christmas in July!

Episode 82 show notes

Listen to “Ep 82 – Dead Eagles, Hot Dogs and Donuts” on Spreaker.

Congrats to Joey “Jaws” Chestnut – 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes!

Just in cace you ever find a dead eagle…

Dunkin’ Donuts. What’s all the hype about?

Worst movie ever… please watch.

Beautiful tune (NSFW)

Episode 81 show notes

Listen to “Ep 81 – Oprah, BET Awards and Bananas” on Spreaker.

Oprah! Live video of her talk on Maui.

Cosmic Collage now open til Aug 12!