Episode 76 show notes

Listen to “Ep 76 – Backpack Kid, RompHims and Remembering Chris Cornell” on Spreaker.

Backpack Kid!

David Pumpkins is back!

But what about when you have to go to the bathroom?!?!

RIP Chris Cornell

Lola’s figet spinner tricks!

Episode 75 show notes

Listen to “Ep 75 – Katy Perry Tribute Artist Francesca Brown, Fargo and Takis Fuego Chips” on Spreaker.

This week’s special guest, Katy Perry tribute artist, Francesca Brown.


This week’s snack… Takis Fuego!

Fargo season 3… binge-worthy!

Episode 74 show notes

Listen to “Ep 74 – It, Fidget Spinners and the Video Game Hall of Fame” on Spreaker.

Look! It’s that kid from Stranger Things!

I think this one is scarier though…

Now THIS is what I’m talking about!

Shout out to Dave for making me a jedi.

Donkey Kong! Better late than never.


Episode 73 show notes

Listen to “Ep 73 – Mermaid Frappuccino, Ocean Aid and The Handmaid’s Tale” on Spreaker.

Fishbone at Ocean Aid!

This week’s fave!

Super selfie!

Mermaid Frappuccino

Weird enough to watch for a bit.

Episode 72 show notes

Listen to “Ep 72 – Unicorn Frappuccino, Cotton Hill and Schitt’s Creek” on Spreaker.

The Unicorn Frappuccino’s most famous casualty.

The most pimped out cruise ship you’ll ever be on.

Look, it’s Jeff Sessions as a cartoon character!

Binge watch worthy.

Episode 71 show notes

Listen to “Ep 71 – The Last Jedi Trailer, Spaghettiman and MST3K” on Spreaker.

Did this trailer tease us enough?

Worth at least a few episodes

Loving this new version!

Glad I did find this in my outlet

Image courtesy of Brian Park-Siart

My new favorite superhero

Episode 70 show notes

Listen to “Ep 70 – Thor Ragnarok, The Incredible Crash Dummies and Missing Richard Simmons” on Spreaker.

You might like this one… even if you’re not a nerd.

Shout out to Gian of Big Mandrake

Now that you’re caught up on Black Mirror, get on-board with Dimension 404!

Happy Easter!

More Easter magic…

Or in case you’re religious…

Throwback! Remember these guys?

This week’s fave! Binge listen!

Episode 69 show notes

Listen to “Ep 69 – Rikishi, Wal-Mart Battle and Crappy Baseball Teams” on Spreaker.

No Villains Left music video!


Rikishi… he’ll be wrestling at the same show as CeeLo Green. Pure randomness.


My battle with Wal-Mart…

Episode 68 show notes

Listen to “Ep 68 – Dave Chappelle Netflix Specials, Black Mirror and Peeps Oreos” on Spreaker.

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Shout out goes out to… Angela (happy birthday) and her amazing hot sauces – Hit her up on Instagram (@caressmedwn0216) or email: cabanaangela@yahoo.com

This week’s snack review:

Now on Netflix!!!

Binge watch-worthy


Ernfest ’17

My next show with No Villains Left is a bitter sweet one. It’s an honor to be included in a line-up of amazing punk bands in Honolulu. However we are all gathering to celebrate the life of our fallen brother, Ernie Nales. He was the bassist of MistermeaneR, a punk band from Kailua that’s been going strong since the 90s. They were the ones to help my first real band get into the punk scene. I owe them a lot. Not just for giving my band a chance, but for what they represent – a drive and commitment in being sworn to fun. I’m happy to share that the band has decided to continue performing, as I’m sure Ernie would’ve wanted it that way.

Details are still being firmed up, as this show had to come together pretty quickly, but here is what we have so far:

Sworn To Fun Production’s Ernfest 2017
April 1st, 4pm – 4am
Tsunami’s Waikiki
2260 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

14 of Hawaii’s best Punk, Metal & Hardcore Bands…

FREE SHOW!!!! (But donations are greatly appreciated)
Music starts at 6PM and goes til 4AM
21+ AFTER 10PM

Live Music From –
Cesspool Democracy
Old Habits Die Hard
Never Enough
No Villains Left (playing at 10pm)
No Forgive Action
13th Legion
The Joey Bagadonuts Trio
Black Square
Rotten Blossom
Censor This