021“Fernando Pacheco has well-deserved credibility as a musician, recording artist, producer and radio personality.” – John Berger, Honolulu Pulse / Jan 13, 2012

“That guy wants to sleep with Robert Pattinson.” – Conan O’Brien / Feb 14, 2012

As a self-proclaimed “jack-of-all-trades, master of some,” there are many facets to Fernando’s career. Music fans know him from his work with the bands Go Jimmy Go, Pimpbot and No Villains Left. Hawaii television viewers easily recognize him as the host of Almost Local, which ran for 2 seasons on Time Warner Cable’s OC16. After entertaining radio listeners for over a decade, fans continue to hear him at Aloha Stadium every fall as the voice of the University of Hawai’i “Rainbow Warrior” Marching Band.

In giving back to his community, he volunteers his time to chair the City and County of Honolulu Commission on Culture and the Arts. He also leads 808 Green Thumbs, one of Hawaii’s largest gardening groups.