Episode 68 show notes

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This week’s snack review:

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Binge watch-worthy


Ernfest ’17

My next show with No Villains Left is a bitter sweet one. It’s an honor to be included in a line-up of amazing punk bands in Honolulu. However we are all gathering to celebrate the life of our fallen brother, Ernie Nales. He was the bassist of MistermeaneR, a punk band from Kailua that’s been going strong since the 90s. They were the ones to help my first real band get into the punk scene. I owe them a lot. Not just for giving my band a chance, but for what they represent – a drive and commitment in being sworn to fun. I’m happy to share that the band has decided to continue performing, as I’m sure Ernie would’ve wanted it that way.

Details are still being firmed up, as this show had to come together pretty quickly, but here is what we have so far:

Sworn To Fun Production’s Ernfest 2017
April 1st, 4pm – 4am
Tsunami’s Waikiki
2260 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

14 of Hawaii’s best Punk, Metal & Hardcore Bands…

FREE SHOW!!!! (But donations are greatly appreciated)
Music starts at 6PM and goes til 4AM
21+ AFTER 10PM

Live Music From –
Cesspool Democracy
Old Habits Die Hard
Never Enough
No Villains Left (playing at 10pm)
No Forgive Action
13th Legion
The Joey Bagadonuts Trio
Black Square
Rotten Blossom
Censor This

Episode 67 show notes

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Oasis strangely reminds me of Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


This week’s snack review: Rum Raisin Kit Kat